Join Us Monday Night for Blue Jeans, BBQ & Blues!

Breathe in the majestic beauty from below. Have your breath taken away up top. From the thrilling views to the amazing stories, a visit to the Gateway Arch and Museum is an experience that never fails to inspire. Feel free to wear blue jeans and come prepared to enjoy BBQ and blues.

What To Expect

6:45 p.m.
Shuttles Depart from Hotel
7 p.m.
Guests Arrive at the Arch*
7-10 p.m.
Exhibits, Museum, Theater and Arch Store Open
Tram Rides Available (Last Tram is 9:20 p.m.)
Food, Drink and Entertainment
*As a cherished federal park, the Gateway Arch requires all guests go through security, similar to airport TSA protocol. We suggest bringing small purses and minimal items to carry. A coat check will be available. **No food or drink is allowed in the exhibits or museum.

10 Things to Know About the Gateway Arch 

  1. The  ride to the top takes only four minutes.
  2. You can see up to 30 miles in all directions from the top.
  3. The arch is made up of 43,000 tons of concrete and steel making an iconic, elegant arc 63 stories high into the Midwest sky.
  4. The National Park spans 91 acres and shaped American history.
  5. The Arch is America’s tallest man-made monument.
  6. It sways as much as 18 inches, and can withstand an earthquake, but doesn't sway under normal conditions. It takes a 50-mile an hour wind to move the top 1 1/2 inches each side of center.
  7. It has a series of lightning rods on the top which are grounded directly into bedrock, with a perfectly insulated interior. It withstands hundreds of lightning bolts each year.
  8. Construction of the Arch began Feb. 12, 1963 and was completed a little more than two years later on October 28, 1965.
  9. The north tram was opened to the public on July 24, 1967. The south tram was completed in 1968.
  10. The Arch museum features 201 years of history within six themed, innovative and interactive exhibit areas. 

2020 Learning Conference
Feb. 29-March 3

Deadline to register was Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. While registration is still available, the late registration fee is $725.

Note: If you previously registered for the Learning Conference, you can use the  "Modify Registration" link above to make changes to your registration. To modify a registration, you will need the email address you used to register and the reference number you received via email after registering. If you need your reference number, please contact


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